Marathon: Does it really hurt ?


The side of my left knee still hurts a bit. But I am thinking that it is maybe something I can just run through. A few years ago the tendons behind my knee were really hack. That really knocked me around a lot. BUT…but… is this the same or maybe just one of the usual aches and pains I always experience?

TODAY I rested again. I am good at doing nothing. 🙂
Ran 3 Km and there was really little pain until after I had run the first Km.
Iced for yonks afterwards. Usual anti inflam pill.
Still hurts but …how much ?
Ran a bit faster today….Temp was 26 so sweated a bit ( weight loss maybe)

Tamami did her usual hard run….I ran the first Km with her…slower than she would have liked I suspect.

BLOOD PRESSURE was 158 over 94 this morning…..Still not acceptable but yesterday was 168 over 96… So heading in the right direction.
Heart Rate 45. I slept badly so maybe it will be lower when I can catch some decent shut eye.


Push Ups…160 ( my best )
Stomach Crunches…400
Leg curls with weights 20 by 2 each leg.
Quad lifts with ankle weights…same…20 x 2 each leg
Back stretches…
Plank…3 minutes.

Tomorrow I will go to the gym Plan to really hammer myself. getting a little depressed reading about how every one else is training the house down whilst I am sitting around like a fat pudding staring at my flabby gut.



One thought on “Marathon: Does it really hurt ?

  1. I understand where you coming from. I’ve been side lined with an stress fracture for the last month. I’ve learned that I don’t deal with injuries gracefully! It’s been a good lesson in patience for me. Take the time to heal if you need it, your body will thank you and you’ll come back even faster and stronger! 🙂

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