Marathon : Age


Without going into it too deeply I don’t think getting a little long in the tooth should really slow you overly much. I
My Marathon PB (2-51) may well be written in stone. But I can still run with a bit of speed. Depending of course on what your definition of ‘ speed ‘ is. 🙂

Yesterday actor Micky Rourke returned to the boxing ring after a break of 20 years. He won his fight against a 29 year old opponent. He is 62 years old. Same as me.


BLOOD PRESSURE 139/92….now that is a lot better. Doctor said my aim should be 140 over 85.
HEART rate….48 hmmmm ??

Went to the GYM this morning. 75 minutes of upper body work and ab exercises. 400 stomach crunches in the exercise ball.This was a fairly hard session for me.

ELLIPTICAL Machine: I thought I would give it a go. If you think the Gym is boring, well the ELIP machine is doubly so. Did 15 minutes. NO knee pain…that is a big plus.

Temperature was 34 degrees. Drove home with the top down. Living on the edge. 😉


At home I did 60 push ups and 200 stomach crunches. I was going to do more but was too lazy.
Leg exercises with Weights 20 x 2 on each leg.
Quad exercises with weights 20 x 2

I thought I may run a bit longer today but my knee still hurts and it was hot. ( I have lots of excuses). Ran my usual 3 Km. Lots of ice afterwards.


Wearing my old old black running singlet.Old Blackie as he is called.

Tomorrow I will try for a longer run.


All replies welcome.

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