Marathon : Slow recovery is best


I am taking it very slowly in my recovery from the Melbourne and Seoul Marathon double I have just undertaken recently.
My left knee has been causing me a lot of trouble preventing me from doing very much.

AIM is to start training again on December 26 th. Not that far away.

TOKYO marathon….February 22 .

BLOOD PRESSURE today was 128 over 87. For me that is fantastic. So maybe I will live to run another day.

GOLF: Not a great fan but being the kind of wonderful guy I am,I went out for 9 holes with Tamami this afternoon. I suppose a couple of hours tromping around a golf course is better than sitting on the sofa getting fatter.


This is an old picture of Tamami having a swing indoors. Today we trudged around the East Malvern Golf Course.


RUN : I still have plenty of knee trouble. Hurts a lot when I run although the hours and hours spent on the Golf course today caused no pain.Only when I move faster than a sick slow shuffle does the pain come.

Ran my old 6 Km route which has about 1500m on grass. Slightly softer running surface although the pain was still very much there.
Picked up the pace with about two Km to go and dropped Tamami.
Lots of pain….lots of ice….
I purchased some ARNICA cream which I massage into my knee whilst watching the news on TV.
I have used before…I think it helps.
ALSO…got some Magnesium powder which I will mix into my Vit B drink every morning from now on.



I did not do my leg exercises….not sure if they help or hinder.


All replies welcome.

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