Marathon : Knee Pain


After the Seoul Marathon three weeks ago my right knee has been giving me a lot of pain.
Running is meant to bring some joy. There is no joy if every step hurts.

But I am in a rest period until December 26 th when I start training again. So I have time to recover. I just don’t want to get too out of condition. Tokyo Marathon is closer than you think.

Currently I am running not at all. Only 6 Km yesterday and 3 Km today. I have not run much more than 10 Km at once since the Marathon. 😦
Today I ran more on the front of my foot and at a faster pace. I think there was less

I am massaging my knee with stuff called Arnica. I think this helps.

Am also taking a daily anti inflam pill which I got from my friendly doctor.


Today I did my usual series of exercises.
Push Ups: 120
Stomach Crunches : 400
Quad lifts with weights : 20 x 2 both legs.
Reverse leg curls with weights : 20 x 2 both legs.

I think the exercises I do for my legs helps my painful knee.

BLOOD PRESSURE : 149 over 93. Could be worse
HEART RATE : 49 Not great.

I am only weighing myself on Fridays. Today I went out to lunch with Tamami. Maybe a fish burger is living a little dangerously. On Friday we shall see. I am no longer eating morning or afternoon tea. I have thought of fasting but although I have done it in the past, I lack the Will power.

Tomorrow I will get to the Gym early and really work hard.



All replies welcome.

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