Marathon : Knee strap


Three weeks after running the Seoul Marathon I am still experiencing pain in my knee.

I do all my gym work sitting down.
After each set of lifting I do ab exercises.
It is boring going to the gym but it is something I think I should be doing. Keep the old bones strong and all that.
Today I did 60 minutes. I don’t want to do any less than a hour.
300 stomach crunches on the exercise ball.


EXERCISES at home :
Push ups 90
Stomach crunches 300
Leg curls 20×2
Quad lifts 20 x 2
Back stretches. Do they help?

I am resting and not doing much running.
In the afternoon today I put on a knee strap for my short run.. I did not really want to do this as it is a kind of statement which says ‘ I am injured ‘ . But I was hoping that the pain would be less when I run.


I have a almost dead flat out and back course near my home of about 5.5 Km which I use mainly as an add on for my long runs. I time this run now and then. It has a few turns and you have to run thru a tunnel under the main road. This does not make it an overly fast run.But it’s something I can do with no great stress.

Today Tamami played 18 holes of golf in the morning and then joined me for my run in the afternoon.

Did not push the run overly much but still ran 28.44 which is an ok ( although far from great ) time on this course.
PAIN was still there but still far far better than previously. So I would say The Strap achieved it’s purpose. BUT…hopefully when I start to train again I will no longer need.

BLOOD pressure this morning 145/ 95 which is acceptable.
Heart Rate 46. Good by normal standards but I would like it closer to 40.

Anti infam pill in the morning.
Evening was a massage with the ARNICA cream.


All replies welcome.

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