Marathon : Knee trouble


My knee felt a little better today although I still experience pain. I am thinking maybe the exercises I have been doing with the ankle weights have been hurting rather than helping. Accordingly I did not do them.

No gym today so I used my home dumbells. 10.5 Kgms each.


My ( often stated ) plan is to rest until December 26 th and then start exercising.
Today I hit a few golf balls with Tamami. Not too bad. At least I get a bit of sun.


BLOOD Pressure….up a it this morning. 155 over 90.
Heart Rate: 45

Did my usual exercises at home
Push ups : 125
Stomach crunches 300
Quad lifts : 20 x 2 each leg.
Back stretches.

RUN: Not really doing any running.
3 Km at a decent pace.
No Knee strap. Some pain but could have been worse.
25 degrees….I think this is about as hot as I want it to be when I run.

TOMORROW: I will weigh myself. Do not think I have lost much.
If my weight is up I will go to the Gym and hammer myself.
If my weight is down I will go to the gym and hammer myself.


All replies welcome.

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