Marathon: Scales


I have decided to weigh myself just once a week. Friday morning before breakfast.Today is the second ‘ weigh in’. Last week I weighed 66.7 Kgm. Today I was 66.8 Kgm.
It is always good to go down in weight but this was not such a bad result.100 grams heavier.

Blood Pressure was 145/95 which is better than last Friday’s reading of 168/96.
Heart Rate 47. Not great but ok.

GYM: Did almost 75 minutes this morning. I find it pretty boring but it’s something I need to do.Pushed hard.
After finishing I tried some shoulder shrugs with 20 kgms in each hand. Found this very hard. Will measure my strength by doing this in future.


HOME exercises.
Push ups 100
Stomach Crunches 200
Quad lifts 20 x 2 both legs.
Back stretches

RUN : I ran a sort of new route today. Actually it was my old route in reverse.
Wore my knee strap which seemed to help.
Felt slow and heavy for the first few Kms. maybe that is because I AM slow and heavy.
Felt a little better after about 3 or 4 Km and increased the pace.A couple of Kms on grass which felt good.
Unfortunately with ONE Km started to feel tired and weak.
Struggled to the finish. Not good.
Have to do a great deal better when I start training again.


Felt so miserable after finishing I forgot to ice. But I did really massage the old ARNICA cream into my leg later in the evening.

December 26 th is the day I start again.


All replies welcome.

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