Marathon: Between Racing and Training.


I am still in that time between my last race ( Seoul Marathon in South Korea ) and my planned start date of December 26 th. After Christmas I will start to run again and train for the Tokyo Marathon in February and the Paris Marathon in April. Until that start date I will take it easy and put my feet up. I have a very sore knee and I will recover from that before the battle begins.

I have been at my Beach House in Anglesea for the last few days. Relaxing and watching old running videos. ( Today I watched the Women’s Marathon at the 1991 World Champs in Tokyo)

This is a short summary of my last few days.

BP 148 over 92. HR 47
Push ups 86.
Stomach crunches 200
Ran some hills at Anglesea. About 20 minutes. Light rain. Ran without knee strap. Quite painful.

Went out for dinner. Call me FAT.


Heavy rain. Ran with Knee strap. OKAY for a couple of Kms but then started feeling really bad. Knee hurt a great deal. Ran the last hill as hard as I could. Felt terrible after finishing.
Put some electrical currents through my leg with a strange machine I purchased in Japan.


BP 149 over 95.
HR 44
After long drive home to Melbourne felt pretty weak. Small lunch of a piece of bread and a tomato probably did not help.
Ran 3 Km at fairly slow pace. Used best shoes and no knee strap.
Felt fairly reasonable. But then again it was short.

More electricity tonight and a massage with Arnica cream
Also iced for 30 minutes.
Took anti inflam pill.
Used another electrical contraction strap from Tokyo. Not sure if it helps.

Maybe I am getting better. Resting seems to be helping.
I can now stand on one leg without help.


TOMORROW….I plan to really hit the gym hard.


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