Marathon : some days are boring.


Somedays when you are resting and not really training what you do on the exercise front can be less than exciting.

Blood pressure this morning was up a bit at 156 over 97.
Heart Rate was 45 which is acceptable.

GYM : Did 75 minutes this morning pushing iron. That may not sound like much but when you do nothing but push iron and alternate with ab exercises, it can seem a long time. I speak to no one. just come in and doit and then go home.


Push ups 100
Stomach crunches 300

GOLF: Walked around with Tamami for two hours. If you think pushing weights up and down is boring Golf is ten times so. At least in the gym you are getting some exercise and there is music pumping. But stomping very slowly around the golf course really gives you nothing.Just makes me tired.


RUN: Not really doing much. Ran 3km late in the day. Massaged my leg before running with nurefen gel. Not too much pain I suppose. With such a short run it is hard to tell if I am getting better.

Iced for 30 minutes and massaged with Arnica cream.
Later this evening I will try some more electricity.
I may take a second anti inflam pill later in the evening.

So today was pretty much of a nothing day. Probably did not go backwards at least.

Somedays you get a good long hard run in and other days it is just an a matter of just doing it. Part of life I suppose.


All replies welcome.

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