Marathon : No Gold for me


Last night I received my medal for coming second in my age group in the Melbourne Marathon in October this year. Silver is fine but it is not Gold. I don’t win much but I still would like a Gold Medal before I go to the big Cross Country course.


When I checked my Garmin for the Marathon I see that my second and third fastest Kms were the last two. Does this indicate I could have run faster over all? !
Tamami won her age group in the same race. Gold for her…silver for me. 😦


Yesterday was another slack day for me with my knee still hurting.

Blood pressure still up at 154 over 92. Heart Rate 44.

GYM: Only a little over 60 minutes in the good old gym.Upper body and abs. Increased the weighs a bit. Can not say I enjoy this to any extent. Try to really work my abs.

HOME: Weak effort
Push ups 50
Crunches: 100
Leg exercises ( no weights )20 x 2. Help or hinder ? Do not know !!

RUN: Ran my old 5.5 Km route. My High street run as I call it. I run to High street and then run home.
Started like a crippled parrot. Trying to hold off the pain for as long as possible.
Time 28.27.
Pain near the end….probably not too bad…
20 minute ice….self massage with gel.
This was the course where my leg gave way under me this time of the year two years ago. Am I tempting fate?


I will continue with the resting for a while yet.
Not much fun being a couch potato.


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