Marathon : Pain Barrier


Two years ago when I was crippled by an injury the doctor said when I started running again to assess the level of pain I was experiencing on a scale of ONE to TEN. Ten being rolling on the ground screaming and One being smiling and laughing. He suggested when I started to run at the most Level Two.
OK…fine as far as it goes.

RUN TODAY: I found the heat ( ok only 25 but hot enough) fairly hard. I experienced ZERO pain to two Km. I am not doing much at the moment ( being in rest mode) so only ran 6 Km. A bit of pain by the end. maybe Level Four.
Total running time 30.44 Distance about 6 Km.

Didn’t feel that flash on finishing but after icing for 20 minutes made a short of recovery.


WEIGHT today….up….67.4 Kgm. Last Friday 66.8. I did go out to a Christmas dinner….ok that is my excuse.

BLOOD PRESSURE…up a bit 160 over 92. According to this chart …not good.


Push ups 150 ( this is a lot for me)
Crunches 300

Did not do my leg exercises…not sure they are of benefit.

NOT LONG NOW….I start again on December 26 th.


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