Marathon : New training aid ( toy)


A hot Saturday in Melbourne today.

Started with 125 push ups and 300 stomach crunches. Nothing special.

Blood Pressure was 152/ 98 which is still in the BAD range. My HR was 48 which is none too good as well.
At midday I had a re reading and the result was 147/88. Better.Not great but better.

Purchased a new training aid today. This is probably designed for legs but as I have a wonky knee I will use it with my arms.


Pretty cool I think.

I am not really running until December 26 th.
It was 30 degrees when I started out today.I ran with Tamami. I ran a bit over 2 Km with her and then stopped and rested in the shade whilst she ran on. She then met me on the way back and I ran the final 2km home with her.
Tamami does not like the heat and looked half dead when she met me. Had to laugh.I had recovered from the first 2 Km by then and was feeling ok. So all was good.Not much pain.

I also got some of these…. 🙂


For my sore knee.
Actually after icing today for 30 minutes and massaging with Nurofen and taking an anti inflam pill I did not feel too bad.


All replies welcome.

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