Marathon: Overcoming injury


I am not sure I am over coming my knee/tendon injury. It still hurts but maybe not as much. I am not sure if I feel a little less pain because I am recovering or because I am in a rest and recovery period. Doing almost nothing. Training to start December 26 th. Want to be feeling good by then.Till then I rest.

Today I took my Blood Pressure both before ( 153/90) and after breakfast ( 145/89).Still up of course but not super bad.I am still alive.

GYM: Just over an hour pushing weights.
Quite a few stomach crunches between each weight set.
After I have finished I use the 20 Kilo Dumbells for shoulder shrugs. I did 8 today. I am still not very strong.40 kilos is all I am comfortable with.

I do not find the gym a great deal of fun. I am also not going all that often. Four times a week. I also never do more than 75 minutes. But on the positive side I always do at least an hour,so I suppose that is better than nothing.


Trying not to each too much but I lack the Will power to go without food.
I am still eating.
Only weigh myself once a week so not seeing the damage everyday.


HOME exercise….
Push ups 125
Stomach crunches 300
Would be nice to do more but I am too lazy.

RUN: 25 degrees today in Melbourne. Better than yesterday.
First Km I really struggled even though I was running pretty slowly.
After about 2 Km I felt a little better.
Ran 6 Km. Not a great deal of pain in my knee. But this could be because of the short distance and slow pace.

Felt not too bad upon finishing. A lot better than a couple of days ago when I felt I was going to die.


I took an anti inflam pill before training and massaged my legs with Nurofen Gel. I also took a panadol.
After running I iced for 30 minutes.
After dinner I massaged with Arnica cream.

Pretty easy Sunday. Certainly looking forward to starting again. 12 days to go….or I hope to be in a condition good enough to start.


All replies welcome.

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