Marathon: Pre Training.


Despite having a bit of a sore knee my plan is to start training for the Tokyo Marathon ( Feb 22) on December 26 th.
I am not doing much at the moment although it may be said I am in Pre Marathon Training. 🙂

MONDAY : Only a short run late at night.
Push ups : 210 ( this is a lot for me)
Crunches : 300

Blood pressure 144/88 Still high.
Heart Rate: 47 ( bit high for me…lack of exercise)

GYM: 70 minutes today. Still find this mind numbingly boring.
Upper body and abs.
40 Kilo shoulder shrugs x 8


HOME exercises.
Bit wimpy today 55 push ups.

Took an anti inflam pill and a Panadol
before starting. Also massaged knee and legs with Nurefen before running.
VERY windy conditions.
Managed 37.53 for my old Up to High street course.
Could have finished faster but did not want to risk.
Maybe 40 minutes tomorrow.


20 minutes of icing and a bit of self massage.

PAIN: On the other side of my left knee. Certainly could feel but no killer pain.



2 thoughts on “Marathon: Pre Training.

  1. A heart rate of 47 seems dangerously low to me. A good resting heart rate for an athlete is in the 55 range. More out of shape people tend to have a little higher heart which is proportional to the out-of-shape-ness (for lack of a better way to describe it.). I’d be concerned with a heart rate that low…

    • Hi Jason, Haha….are you joking ? A top athlete ( which I am not ) will have a heart rate less than 40….some even in the low 30s. There is a lot of literature on this which you can read. I am a little concerned my heart rate is so HIGH. But when I starts raining for my next Marathon I will get it down to 40 or so ( I hope). The average couch potato has a heart rate in the 50s or worse.
      Do you do any exercise yourself at all? If so good luck.

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