Marathon : Training to start soon.


My plan is to start training on the 26 th of December in anticipation of the Tokyo Marathon on the 22 Nd of February. Seems a good plan but I am very unfit and still have knee/ leg pain.


Blood pressure was up yet again. 151/86. Everyday this week it gets worse.
Heart Rate was 44 which is ok I suppose.

Some exercise at home.
Push Ups 175
Stomach crunches 200 ( too lazy)
Leg exercises ( no weights ) 20x 2 each leg. Help or hinder???
Back stretches

Timed my run today rather than measure the distance. 48 minutes and 2 seconds.
Ran the first 3 Km approximately with Tamami which helped I think.
A lot of PAIN on the outside of my left knee.
I ran through the pain but it was not that enjoyable.
Thought maybe if it hurts this much that I should not run the Marathon. BUT Tamami said this was negative thinking. No negative thinking allowed.


Maybe I don’t look too bad here after finishing but I was in a lot of pain.

Ice for 30 minutes which did not seem to help.
15 minutes of electrical current….does this help.
Self massage for about 20 minutes with Avera cream….or whatever it is called.
I am not sure any of this helps.

TEN Days to go until I start again……

3 thoughts on “Marathon : Training to start soon.

    • Thanks.
      Yes…cold and on the very rare occasion a bit of snow.
      But there are over 400,000 applicantants for this race and only 35,000 ‘ win’ a place. Accordingly I feel I have to run as I was lucky enough to get a gig. Anyway better than heat I think. 🙂

      • My goodness. The odd is over 11:1? Crazy! Oh well, stay warm! Well, while running, you won’t worry about that much… put on arm sleeves or something? Hope it goes well! And feel better soon!

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