Marathon : Preparation


I am preparing for the day I can start training again.

Weight down this morning. True only half a kilo but it is something. I am 66.9 Kgm.
My self chosen racing weight is 66 kilos….so I should be able to achieve that before I race next in Japan.
I am only checking my weight once a week.

Blood pressure still not great. 154/102. Maybe
I should take reading later in the day.

Heart Rate 45. OK. But I want it down to 40. If not by The Tokyo race then before I race in Paris in April.

GYM: 75 minutes this morning.Upper body.Increased the weights I was lifting.
400 stomach crunches on exercise ball. For me this is a lot.
Gym being renovated so quite crowded. I will try for longer next time.


170 push ups.
100 Stomach crunches.
I will do more tomorrow.


I ran a longer distance today. First 3km with Tamami which helped. Pain was not too bad. Total running time was 48.50. I probably ran a bit faster than last time I ran but tried not to push it too hard at this stage.
Felt a little weary when I finished although photo does not seem to show it.
I will do more tomorrow but will still take it reasonably easy and run no more than an hour.
Best to rest at this stage. December 26 th is my chosen date….training will start then.

I still have leg…knee…pain. But as I am not really doing much at this stage it is acceptable.



All replies welcome.

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