Marathon : Training with resting


The great Joan Benoit said ( in Breakthrough Running at page 340 ) ” Today rest is a component as important in my schedule as speed work or a long run”
She goes on to say as she gets older ( mid 50s now I think) that ” Today I rarely run twice a day. Only if I am training for a Marathon do I think about a double work out. ”

Following her advice I started the day with 60 push ups.


I then ran to my old 5 Km time trial route.
It is 3 Km to the start and the second of these 3 Kms is up THE Warrigal road hill. A real killer. I tried to follow Joanie’s advice and took it reasonably easily.Had to go down a few side streets for a few seconds to dodge a few cars which added to the time. Hit 2 Km at 11.43 which is ok for a slow run up a massive hill.

Could have run my old route a lot faster but wanted to take it easy. As it was I seemed to sweat a lot despite the temp being only 23 degrees.

Total run time for about 8km was 42.40.


I think Joanie would have been impressed at how easy I made the day.

Training starts 26 th December.

Knee was sore but could have been a lot worse.

All replies welcome.

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