Marathon: Training in the heat


Hot day in Melbourne town today. About 32 degrees ( that’s around 90 in old speak).
I only ran 3 Km. Ran fairly solidly.Not much pain.
I don’t think there is much danger running in the heat if you don’t push it. Training is a world away from racing. I would never race in temperatures over 30 degrees.


GYM: Solid work out. A bit over 70 minutes which is about all I am up for. Tried to increase the reps a bit.A reasonable session although I still don’t get much joy out of my visits to the gym.
Did 500 stomach crunches on the exercise ball. That’s the most I have ever done.


Push ups 175
Stomach Crunches 100

Blood pressure 147/88. Not great but moving in the right direction.

NOT long till I start exercising again.


2 thoughts on “Marathon: Training in the heat

    • Thanks. I am no great fan of high temperatures and have pretty much decided never to race in the heat again. Training I think is a lot different and I can run easily in the sun. Good luck with your own running.

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