Marathon : Sore knee


I am wearing my knee strap almost all day nowadays. I think this helps.

I am still deeply into my rest period before starting training for the Tokyo Marathon.
Giving myself 8 weeks to get ready for my next Marathon.

Currently I am trying to eat well,rest and relax.


Would like to eat less but I just don’t have the will power. 😦

150 push ups
200 stomach crunches

Not really doing any running.
However today went out with Tamami and we ran a bit less than 10 Km.
It was Tamami’s longest run since the Seoul Marathon and she ran very well only weakening in the last Km when we increased the pace.
Anti inflam pill before running.


It was only 24 degrees which is warm but not hot. Found I sweated a bit more than I thought I would. Shows just how unfit I am.

Knee was sore but I like to think the pain was less than it has been lately.

BLOOD pressure: After breakfast 151/93 which is not good although Heart Rate 46 which is good for someone unfit like me.
BUT…after running…and 15 minutes ice…Blood pressure 127/90 which for me is pretty good. Heart Rate was 55 which I suppose is to be expected as we hammered the second half of today’s run.

December 26….start exercising again…..sounds good to me.


All replies welcome.

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