Marathon :Race Plans


My rest and recovery period is coming to an end. I still have a few pains in my knees but I think I am getting better. Accordingly it is time to direct my attention to running some Marathons.

TOKYO MARATHON February 22 nd.
From next Monday that gives me 8 weeks to train. Well maybe say 7 weeks to train and a bit of a taper. I think this is a reasonable length of time for me these days. I really am not up to a super long build up.

After Tokyo I will have 7 weeks before my first ever race in France. If I can come through Tokyo ok and can be smart with my recovery I think the time is ample.

I believe the resting has helped me a lot but I know I have put on a few pounds and lost a bit of conditioning.


TODAY: Bit of a slack day.
200 Push ups ( would like to do 200 each day)
200 stomach crunches.

RUN: No running today. Well only 3 Km.

BLOOD PRESSURE 137 over 93. A lot better. Took after running.
HEART RATE: 58. Again taken after running so does not really mean much as my heart was still trying to break out of my chest. Once I get back into training….image


All replies welcome.

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