MARATHON : Not long now


Only two days to go and rest and relaxation and recovery is over. I still have a few pains but I will run them out.I am looking forward to getting back into it.Hopefully my wonky knee will hold up.

TODAY I had a reasonably easy one.

Worked hard for 75 minutes. Tried to lift a little more weight and work my upper body hard.
500 stomach crunches on the exercise ball.
Still not much fun but at least I did it I suppose.


HOME exercises:
Bit slack ….
Push Ups 100
Stomach crunches 100

Tamami was out so got stuck into the food at lunch time.


RUN: Training starts on Friday. Minimal running till then.
This afternoon Ran about 10 Kms with Tamami. We ran a couple of minutes faster than last time.
Still a bit of pain but probably only in the last couple of Kms…which we ran a bit faster than usual. Felt ok I suppose but certainly I really need to put in some serious Kms to be ready for Tokyo.

BLOOD PRESSURE: Taken after I got back from the Gym. 147/88. Not great but then neither off the planet.
HEART RATE: 47 beats for minute. When I start exercising that number is going down….

NOT LONG now…..



All replies welcome.

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