Marathon: Training starts soon.


Christmas Day today. Tomorrow I start to train for the Tokyo Marathon. From Sunday I will have 8 weeks to gain a bit of fitness.

Tamami gave me a very nice T-shirt and had my silver medal from this years Melbourne Marathon engraved.(Hopefully Gold in 2015 )


Christmas Morning….only a short run before a great Christmas Lunch.


Push ups 125
Stomach crunches 100
Using the excuse it is Christmas today.

BLOOD PRESSURE: Taken just before dinner….138/87. None too bad.For me anyway.
HEART rate….was 50 but I had been out and about….plus doing some push ups ( more excuses.)

TOMORROW: I will go for a run.At last.Finally.
Hopefully my still slightly sore knee will hold up.

GARMIN : Being charged as I write.

IT begins……

All replies welcome.

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