Marathon Training begins.


Today being the day after Christmas it was my plan to pull on the old running shoes and start getting into shape for the Tokyo Marathon. I have taken a fair bit of time off and now it is time to get up off the sofa and do something.


RUNNING: Today I ran 17 Km in 85.58.
Not very long and not very fast. But a beginning and better than nothing.

I started running today …too soon after breakfast. I had to finish the run and then get to lunch at the Golf Club with Tamami so there was no time to spare.

Didn’t feel super flash at the start but got to the turn in 43 minutes which is an ok pace for an undulating route. I held back quite a bit scared my knee would flare up.

On the way back my knee/ leg started hurting but did not collapse so that is a big plus.
Heavy rain for about 5 Km on the way home made life interesting.
Ended up with massive blister on my heal…all adds to the fun I suppose.

A start. I did not feel that fit although I could have run faster. But a beginning.
I know it will take time until I am ready to race. But I have now started.
Run today was not that far but still I felt 17 Km was a good beginning even at a slow pace.


WEIGHT: My weight today was the lowest it has been for a while. 65.4 Kilos. That’s about 144 pounds. Not exactly slim but better than the fatso I have been in the last few months.

3 thoughts on “Marathon Training begins.

  1. I think that I have finally found my cadence. Apparently, my average cadence doesn’t change whether I run long or short. Weird. So, now I am working on my stride length, which I realized that correlates with pace. I hope that I can increase it before my race in February. We will see. You may work on that as well to run faster. 🙂

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