Marathon: Tokyo in 8 weeks


The Tokyo Marathon is on tomorrow in 8 weeks time.
Fortunately I have already started training for it having had my first run yesterday. It went ok,despite my left knee hurting still and developing a large blister on my heal.


I am trying to play it smart and just ease slowly into my Marathon training.
Today I went to the MCG to watch a day of the Boxing Day Cricket Test against India. So that pretty much took up most of the day.


Instead of pushing out a long run today I played it smart and ran only 3 Km fairly slowly with Tamami. I could feel the pain in my leg with every step but as long as it does not get worse I am happy enough with the state of things. Future runs will tell my true condition.

Loads of ice after running.


Tomorrow I will try to run about 20 Km. Not worrying about the pace. Just do the distance.

Plan is to ease into the running for a week or so and then step it up.

All replies welcome.

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