Marathon: plans


It is 8 weeks until the Toyko Marathon and I am into my 4 th day of training.
Today was a rest day and I did not run. Well I ran 3 Km.But that is not much.
Also did 100 push ups and 200 stomach crunches.
Even though I ran short I still used ice. Knee is sore but maybe not so much so.


As I have just started I have no intention of falling into the age old trap of doing Too Much Too Soon. So this week my plan is.

Monday : Easy
Tuesday : AM : Gym. PM : Easy run….say 10 Km.
Wednesday : Medium Long….around 19 Km
Thursday : Second Medium Long. 20 Km with Tamami.
Friday : Easy
Saturday : Easy
Sunday : Long 25 Km.

Harder weeks will be left to later in my Marathon build up.


Hopefully I can handle this schedule without too much stress.
It does seem to have a lot of ‘ easy ‘ days. But I figure as I am coming off a long lay off and have a wonky knee I need all the rest I can get.


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