Marathon : Training for Tokyo Marathon


My plan for my Tokyo Marathon training is to just get a few Kms into my legs for a couple of weeks and then worry about going a bit faster at a later date. I am starting fairly easily and take quite a few rest days.

Today was a fairly easy day. My knee is still sore but I am wearing a knee strap and that,plus taking it slowly,is probably helping me. Pain seems to be less.

Went to the Gym this morning and pushed weights for a bit over an hour. I am now doing my exercises with the dumbells at 12.5 Kgm ( about 23 pounds) which is pretty solid for me. Also did 300 stomach crunches on the exercise ball.
I really do not enjoy the gym too much but something I should do I think.


At home I did 100 push ups and 200 stomach crunches.
My Blood pressure was 130/90 which is out of the danger zone at least.

IN the afternoon had a reasonable run of about 10 Km with Tamami. True not very far but certainly hard enough at this stage.Probably finished a tad fast.


Tomorrow I will have a crack at a medium long run. Hopefully I can handle that.


All replies welcome.

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