Marathon: Semi Long Run


Even the best laid plans don’t go according to…plan!!
In my first week of training I decided to do a medium long run on Wednesday ( today) and follow up on Thursday ( tomorrow) with a steady 20 Km with Tamami ( who would rest today in anticipation).
THE IDEA of this type of training is to be able to run with tired leg….kind of a good skill for a Marathoner runner to possess.

Today I went to a Great Birthday Lunch on the banks of the Yarra River so my run had to be done in the afternoon.


My plan was to run the Holmesglen Garden centre run. About 10 Km there and 10 Km back over a few testing hills. Ok closer to 9.5 Km.

Despite the heat….well it was 25 but a lot of sun….I started ok. But before half way I was struggling.My wonky knee was hurting but generally I just felt bad.

My time at the turn was 50.41 ( last time 54.34 ) so I was a fair bit faster than last time. But I was feeling very ordinary and stopped for a drink !
Running home was hard.I really had to concentrate. Time was 48.39 ( last time 51.04 ).

Tamami met me with about a Km to go and jogged lightly in front of me me whilst I lumbered up to the finish. She looked ten times better than me. Although I do notice she met me at the TOP of last big hill. She waited at the top as I moved into heart attack territory getting up it.

Run today was ok time wise but it makes me worry about what I am attempting.
Not good.
19 Km is really not that much even over hills. But it really knocked me around.



All replies welcome.

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