Marathon: Back to Back training.


Part of my current training plan is to have a medium long run on the Wednesday ( say 26 Km ) and then a fairly solid run of say 18-22 Km on the next day.
Sure this does not sound like much but for me these days me is that I will be running on tired on the second day.
What I am trying to achieve is the mental and physical ability to keep running at a fair clip ( for me) in the second half of the race regardless of how I feel.
Of course if this training method does not work I will try something else.

This is my first week running and I still have a sore knee ( call me Mr. Excuse).
Anyway I found the run yesterday fairly hard. A hilly course in 25 degree sun. 19 Km.
Really knocked me about. ( Although I did one of my fastest times on that course).

After a fairly large lunch I was ready to try the second run.


Today was even hotter than yesterday.True only 26 but that makes it a little hard for me especially as I do not drink water before or during the run.

I ran with Tamami who helped me most of the way. With about a Km to go she dropped back a bit.


We ran 11 Km. Last couple of Km reasonably hard. Actually the second half of the run was reasonably hard. But we did it despite it being no where near the ordinal plan.
I am going to work up to the 26/22 combo. But I will get there.


Push ups 150
Stomach crunches 300

Blood Pressure 136/80


All replies welcome.

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