Marathon: training plan proceeds


With just over 7 weeks until the Tokyo marathon I am well into my first week of training.

At it is Friday took some measurements.
Weight 65.9 Km ( about 145 pounds). Getting there.
Blood Pressure : 140/82. Sort of OK.
Heart Rate : 44 At last coming down…40 is my aim.

Self made Marathon plan calls for two decent runs on Wednesday and Thursday and a rest on Friday ( today)


I worked hard in the Gym. Upper body and abs. 75 minutes. I am just too weak willed for more. I did change the weight of my dumbbells to 15 kilos each. This I found hard.


Push ups 100
Crunches 200

RUN: Rest day today. It was very hot at 37 degrees…old style…95(?).
I will not race in these conditions but training is not so bad. However once I had run 3 Km I decided that I did not want to do much running today.


Nice to have a rest today. Certainly hope it is not so hot on Sunday when I do my first LONG RUN.


All replies welcome.

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