Marathon : Long Run: Benefit of


Today I ended my first week of training with what I call ‘ A Long Run’
My plan is that I wanted to ignore the speed and just do the distance. I did it in a way but it was hard. I am so unfit and out of condition.


I started fairly easily and turned for home just over 12 Km. My knee/leg was hurting but not enough to case me to stop. Temperature was 20 degrees but felt hotter. I think the last two super hot days may have tired me out.

Got to the Half Marathon point in 1-57. Not really struggling but it was hard enough.
Stopped for a drink and decided to stop the watch and leave it at that. Jogged the last 3 to 3.5 Km home.

Did not feel too flash. It was probably a tad less than 25 Km. Over all I found it hard.
I know Long Runs are the corner stone for marathon training. But I need more power before I can Really run long.


I am pretty much going to repeat my first week’s training. A solid run on Wednesday and a follow up run on Thursday. Another ‘ long ‘ run on Sunday. Just do it and not worry about pace.

7 weeks until Tokyo Marathon.

WEIGHT : 64.0 Kgm. ( That’s about 141 pounds….one pound more than I was at school in 1969)

Not there yet….but if my knee holds up I think I can improve.



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