Marathon Training: Progressing


Plan is to train for 8 weeks to enable myself to run the Tokyo Marathon. This is the second week.

This week I take the first two days of the week fairly easily. On Wednesday ( tomorrow) I will work towards a Medium Long run.

YESTERDAY : Easy 3 Km run.
100 Push ups. 200 Stomach crunches. 20 back stretches.

TODAY ( Tuesday )
GYM : Good session of almost 80 minutes. Upper body weight lifting. 400 Stomach crunches on the exercise ball.


HOME : 85 push ups.

RUN: My knees are still hurting so I put a strap around my left leg just above the knee.


An easy day. Temperature when I went out was 27 degrees. Not super hot but for me fairly hard.
Ran for 30 minutes. Started pretty slowly but worked my way into it near the end. Certainly sweated a lot.


I certainly have a long way to go before I can run the Marathon.


All replies welcome.

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