Marathon : Handling the Heat: Sort of.


I would have liked to run 20 Km today as my mid week medium long run. But I found the heat very hard to cope with. About 38 degrees or close to 100 old style.


As soon as I started I did not feel that good. There was no one else around and I thought that this could turn bad if I fainted.
I could have pushed on and probably run a fair way. But it may have taken me a long time to recover….meaning a couple of days !
Anyway I ran about 7 Km and called it a day.
I felt the heat.
I don’t think it’s worth pushing myself into illness. Well maybe in a race….


AT home….140 push ups
300 stomach crunches.

I also pushed some some Dumbells….


BLOOD Pressure a little high 145/82
HEART Rate ok at 45 bpm.

NOT finding the heat that easy….however this is Melbourne….weather will change soon.


All replies welcome.

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