Marathon : training plan


Plan for my second week of training for the Tokyo Marathon scheduled for Feb. 22nd, was to have solid runs Wednesday and Thursday.However yesterday it was 33 degrees and today a little better at 27 degrees. I do not handle the heat very well.
Also I still have pains in my knees.
My plans flew out the window.


Tamami wanted to run 24 Km this morning but as it was so humid I decided to go to the Gym instead. However on reflection I decided that I just couldn’t face yet another hour plus pushing weights,talking to no one and listening to the latest pop music blaring out at a zillion decibels. So I went running after all.

Ran out for about 6 Km and met Tamami and ran the last 6 Km home with her. She ran well but was struggling in the heat. I on the other hand felt quite good.So that was a plus. True I Did not like the heat much and my knee hurt,but apart from that,all was good.


BLOOD PRESSURE : 115/ 82…. This is the best it has been for yonks.
HEART RATE : 45. Normal enough.
WEIGHT: 65.6 Kgm. Acceptable.

It has been a while since I have run twice in a day.
Weather was a bit better but still humid. Knee still sore.


Only ran for 30 minutes but at a fair pace ( for me!). I have been wearing staps on my sore knees lately but did not wear them on my second run. I got through the run ok. pain was there but not too bad. Not enough to cause me to limp anyway.



All replies welcome.

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