Marathon Training: Rest Day. Worth it?


My plan was to make Friday a rest day. Certainly the hot weather did not suit me. I have not been feeling great. Nor sleeping well for that matter. BUT then I thought,will a rest day really help me? After all this is only my second week of training. How much rest does a person really need?


Tamami ran off and ran quite well for almost an hour. I however decided to go to the gym as my knee was still hurting me.
Pushed weights for a bit over an hour. Good session I think.
Managed 500 stomach crunches on the Exercise Ball. That’s the most I have ever done.


AT HOME: 112 push ups.
100 stomach crunches.
Blood Pressure 124/82.
Heart Rate later in the day. 48 bpm.

RUN: This afternoon.Taking it fairly easy. A slowish 3 Km. No great effort. Pain was not too bad.

PLAN is to run long on Sunday. Hopefully my wonky knees will hold up.

At least the heat has gone for now.
Apparently we are destined for storms in Melbourne over this week end. But a spot of rain never hurt anyone yet. 🙂


All replies welcome.

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