Marathon : Taking it easy.


As my second week of training almost comes to an end I took it fairly easy today.
Tokyo Marathon in 6 weeks time.

Ran a steady 9 Km with Tamami in 48.15 today.At this stage speed does not matter. Plan is to just get some Kms into my legs.
We finished quite well and my sore knee did not worry me too much.


SIT UPS : 205 This is the most I have done in living memory šŸ™‚
Stomach Crunches : 300

Blood Pressure : 135/80
Heart rate : 45

I am thinking it does not pay to do too much too soon. Ease myself into Marathon Training.
It is tempting to run twice a day….but I will not do that ( well maybe once or twice a week,at most).


Slowly…slowly…slowly getting a little bit fitter…a little bit stronger.

PLAN for tomorrow is to run 25 Km. I know that is not very far but I am well aware that I am only in my second week of training. I will take my time and slowly increase the distance. Maybe next week.Next week I may go out a bit further.


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