Marathon : Always learning


Today’s plan was to run 26 Km but several things did not go as I would have liked and I ended up running less than 11 Km. I must learn from today.

Tamami wanted to play golf this morning so we decided to run in the afternoon.
Whilst she was on the Golf Course I went to the gym.


The weight room at the gym has changed location and it just did not seem the same.
I worked hard for a bit over 45 minutes but then just gave it away.
Did manage 300 stomach crunches on the exercise ball.

We did not start until almost 4 PM. It was 28 degrees which is 82 old style. Not super hot but too hot for me. Plus I felt hungry before I had even got out the door.
I felt pretty bad as we ran along in the sun. After we passed 5 Km I decided to turn around and get home and out of the sun.
My pace was not too bad…for me….running the second last Km in 5.09 and the last in 5.00.
But I certainly felt pretty bad.
Ran about 10.5 Km….far from the hoped for ‘Long Run ‘


It was smart of me to cut the run short today but stupid of me to really start at all at that time and in that temperature.

My BLOOD PRESSURE was surprisingly good after running at 114/76
Heart Rate was perhaps as expected up at 52 bpm.

NOT a great day…I must learn from it.
Tokyo Marathon is 6 weeks away.
Tomorrow I start my third week of training.

PS: Tamami played golf very very well and finished equal second and her handicap went down !


All replies welcome.

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