Marathon: Too old ?


As I start my third week of training in anticipation of the Tokyo Marathon on Feb 22nd I received some ” encouragement ” from a fellow runner. He wrote “… Still fantastic for a 60 year old”
Hmmm…..I don’t really look at it that way. I don’t think what I do is fantastic. I can not ( at this stage) break 40 minutes for 10 Km because I am 60 plus BUT because ( at this stage) I lack the ability to do so.

But I do admit that sometimes after training I take a Selfie and look 80 years old…


I think it is more ability and how hard you train that determines your race pace.
Japanese guy, Yoshihasa Hosaka ran a marathon in 2-36 at age 60
The great Ed Whitlock ran 2-54 for a Marathon at age 73. ( He also ran 3-15 at age 80) !!!
I may not match these guys but still I plan to run fast.

Inspired by the encouragement I received I really pushed it at the Gym this morning.
We have moved to another weight room which makes it very crowded. Still I got my hour plus in.
I upped my Dumbells for my seated chest fly exercise to 15 kilos. Does not sound much but it means I am working with 30 Kilos which is almost 50% of my body weight.
Also did 400 stomach crunches on the exercise ball.


Cooler today at 24 degrees but felt humid.
Wore heavy training shoes and T shirt.
Did not run flat out but pushed the second half of my 6 Km course quite hard.
28.14 which is my best….well as far as I can remember.

After the run I looked a little wrecked. Maybe now I look like a geriatric !


BLOOD PRESSURE : Took straight after running 128/88
HEART RATE: In the sky…as expected after fairly hard finish to run …67


Not much …but fantastic for a guy my age !!!!!


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