Marathon: Medium Long Run


I believe that the corner stone of Marathon running is the Long Run. However for a runner of my fairly slow standard the Mid Week Medium Long run is also an important component.

Today I ran 25 Kms. True,not super long,but it was not meant to be LONG.
Took me 2 hours 17 which I know is not particularly fast but speed is not the aim at this stage. Just run the distance.

It was a fairly humid day with the temperature around 23 degrees. Three quarters of the way through it started to rain fairly hard. I ignore rain.

I was happy enough with the run today as I did not stop for any drinks nor road crossings or anything else. Just ran.
I handled the hills quite well. Ran the last Km in 5.19.

A little weary upon finishing. See picture below. It has been a while since I have run this far so maybe my body had to get used to this type of running.


WEIGHT 64.3 kilos
Blood Pressure 118/73
Heart Rate ( taken in the afternoon) 48 bpm.

Still a very long way to go but this is still the third week of training so I am happy enough to be slowly getting into the swing of things.
Still 5 and a half weeks until the Tokyo Marathon.

I still have knee pain but I try to pretty much ignore that. Today I declined to wear any knee straps and decided to ignore any discomfort.



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