Marathon: importance of recovery


Years ( well decades ) ago I totally ignored the idea of rest days. Maybe some of my days involved recovery runs. But really not many.


Nowadays I am of the opinion that an easy recovery day may well help me. In the distant past I was of the mind that more was better.

Yesterday I ran around 25 Km as a medium mid week long run. Not particularly long but for me hard enough.Took me 2 hours and 17 minutes. Run in part in heavy rain and up some very long hills. No stops,no drinks….just one continuous run.

So today I am recovering.A rest day.
RAN only 3 Kms. Enough I think.
Did 110 push ups.

Blood Pressure 130/74
Heart Rate…taken just before dinner….48

Just over five weeks until the Tokyo Marathon. Sunday will complete my third week of training.I will try for my first long run.Makes me even more sure that resting my legs today has been a good move.



All replies welcome.

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