Marathon: Third week almost over


In two days time my third week of training will be over. It is now almost time for what I call ‘ The Long Run’. But that is not for today. Today was a fairly easy day.

GYM: Worked quite hard for just over an hour.Pushed a lot of weights and as always worked only on my upper body. Did 500 stomach crunches on the exercise ball. This is a fair number for me.


120 push ups
100 stomach crunches
Blood Pressure 126/85
Heart Rate : Taken after running 56

RUN: It was warmer than I liked but I only ran 3 Km so no big deal. Felt quite good and ran the last Km quite fast for me. Maybe a bit too fast.


PLAN for this week is to run a medium length run ( which I did on Wednesday…25 Km in 2 hours 17 ) and a long run on Sunday.
I am not looking for a very long run on Sunday. I am just not up to much as this stage. 30 Km should about do it. I am planning to just ease into the longer stuff.

I took an Epson Salt bath today. I have heard is relaxes the muscles….or so it is said.
Lots of fun with my rubber ducky . 🙂


So a fairly easy day….the harder days are just around the corner.
Tokyo Marathon in 5 weeks.

All replies welcome.

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