Marathon : LONG RUN


At the end of my third week of training I had a go today at what I term a Long RUN.

Tamami and I set off at 10 AM this morning. Weather was overcast and temperature was 18 degrees. Fairly good conditions. Not great,but good enough.

We started very slowly. I was setting the pace and I was a bit scared of the distance and did not want to blow up. I decided not to wear any knee strapping and just accept the pain when it came.

The thing is with a long run is that it is LONG. Not that we did anything really special but it was the longest run since we raced in Seoul last year.
I found it hard being out there for so long.

At 15 Km we made a U turn and headed back home. My knee was hurting but I still kept a reasonable pace.
Took a Gel at 16 Km.
No drinks….maybe in the Marathon itself in Tokyo a bit of water will help me feel a little better

At 23 Km I left Tamami and increased the pace and ran on by myself.

Finished a bit under 31 Km. My last Km was my fastest.


Tamami said we should be pleased but I felt that I had to try harder than I would have liked.
I have vague plans of running to 26 Km in the Tokyo Marathon and then increasing the pace. Ha ! I am not sure if this is really an option.

I had to really push myself over the last few Kms to keep the pace up.


Push ups 50
Stomach Crunches 100
Back stretches 10 x 2

Weight : 64.3 Kgm

Blood Pressure 127/76
Heart Rate 50 ( taking a while to recover from the run)


All replies welcome.

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