Marathon : Shoes


After running 30 plus Kms yesterday today was scheduled for an easy recovery day. My current thinking regarding training for the Marathon is not push everyday. Accordingly today I ran an easy 3 Km.

I am giving thought to racing in my light racing flats. Today I used them on my short run. They certainly felt a lot lighter. How much lighter compared to my normal training shoes?


Result of the weigh in.
White shoes…. 294 grams ( per shoe of course)
Green shoes…..265 grams
Red Flats…….198 grams

Certainly the Flats are far lighter. But I am deadly slow these days and will probably take 3 and a half hours ( 3-30) to complete the Tokyo Marathon in 5 weeks time. Maybe a heavier shoe would benefit me when I plod the last few Kms in the race.
I do not know. I will think on this.

Push ups 105
Stomach crunches 200
Back stretches 10 x 2

Blood Pressure…taken after running….128/81
Heart Rate …58….very short time after run.

This is the start of my fourth week of training. Five weeks until the Marathon in Japan.

Today I entered the MELBOURNE MARATHON for October. This will be my 14 th Melbourne Marathon. My aim is to run Melbourne 15 times and then go on to something else….Berlin or Chicago maybe. Exciting plans.



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