Marathon : Taking it easily


Two days into my 4 th week of training. On Sunday I got my first ‘ long run’ ( 30 Km) done. Less than 5 weeks to go until the Tokyo Marathon.

I am still sticking to my plan to take it reasonable easy.
For the Tokyo Marathon I will slowly build up my training. At this stage I am taking it fairly easily. Certainly in an Australian summer there is no benefit to hammer myself every day.

Tuesday morning I went to the Gym. A bit over 60 minutes of weight work. Plus I did 400 stomach crunches on the exercise ball. I thought about doing 500 but started to few a bit of pain in my stomach. Really tried hard with the weights.


In the afternoon it was 31 degrees. Far too hot for me really to do any decent running.
I wore my light weight racing shoes again. Perhaps they inspired me to run faster.Started quite well.
Ran a solid enough 6 Km with a very strong finish.
Felt a bit ill afterwards.


Didn’t feel up to doing much else in the way of exercise.
Push ups 25
Blood pressure 125/76

Plan for the rest of the week is to try a medium long run tomorrow ( Thursday) and another ‘ long one’ on Sunday.


All replies welcome.

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