Marathon : Running in the heat.


Yesterday’s run was in 31 degrees after which I did not feel so good. Today it was even hotter when I went out. 33 degrees.

I am trying not too eat too much but I lack will power to go with out food. Accordingly I got stuck into lunch today.


Despite eating earlier in the day I was feeling hungry come 5.30 PM. When I hit the road.
I only ran 6 Km today but made a big effort to run slowly…at least in the beginning. Certainly it was hot.Too hot for me. But I managed it with out too much trouble.

I think the key is to just moderate your speed on hot days.If you just run at a steady pace you can cope with warm weather.


Push ups :215
Stomach crunches : 300
Back stretches 10 x 2

Blood Pressure was ok today. 116/82

Tomorrow I will try a medium long run. However I will change this plan if it is too hot.


All replies welcome.

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