Marathon: Change of plan


Whilst Tamami was smart enough to get out the door early this morning to run a solid 20 Km. I left it to late to get started and again suffered in the heat.

With just over 4 weeks until the Tokyo Marathon my plan was to run 9 Km at a steady pace and then do a U turn and run the reverse. Total 18 Km. The plan was to run the second 9 Km at a faster rate than the first 9.


Almost from the start I did not feel good. Again I had left too little time between eating and running. I had put a lot of tape around my left knee and this may not have been the best thing to do. My leg felt sore from the beginning.

When I got to the 9 Km point I decided that I would retreat and live to fight another day.
I suppose I could have run another 9 Km but the point of the run was to do those Kms faster than those in the first half of the run.
I am happy enough to push myself into illness in a race but a mid weak training run is not something I want to hurt myself in for days afterwards.

Last time I did this out and back run I ran 45 minutes for the first half and 43 minutes return. Today I ran the first ( and only) half in 41 minutes. So at least I can take that away from today.

Sunday I will have another ‘ long run ‘. How that will go I am not sure. But one thing I am certain of is that I will be starting early morning in hopefully cooler conditions

BLOOD PRESSURE today 125/80


Stomach crunches 200
Back stretches 15 x 2


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