Marathon : a few hills.


Almost the end of my 4 th week of training for the Tokyo Marathon which is now 4 weeks away come Sunday.

I try and weigh myself each Friday morning. Today my weight was 65.7 Kgm. When I started training it was 65.4 Kgm. So not too bad. I want to be under 66 when I race.

Today I did not feel really that keen to do much. Just felt down and lacked motivation.
Went to the gym in the morning and pushed weights for just over an hour. Used the 17.5 Kgm dumbbell a few times.38.5 pounds. May not sound very heavy but to me it is.
Did 400 stomach crunches on the exercise ball.


PUSH ups: Managed 125 push ups at home. It am finding it a little easier to get over the 100 each day now.

RUNNING: Could not really face another long( or short ) plod by myself yet again so I ran an easy 2 Kms. Then ran some hills.
It has been a while since I have done this.
I sprinted up 6 times and mostly walked down afterwards.
Did the last one flat out and was pleased to see it was the fastest by 2 seconds.
Felt very ill afterwards. Have not felt like this for quite a while.


Blood pressure 121/78


All replies welcome.

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