Marathon : Miserable Long Run.


Today I again tried a long run. Unfortunately it turned into a disaster.

Went through my normal pre run routine ok. Breakfast of toast and half a banana and a coffee. Massaged my legs with anti inflam cream. Sunscrean. Gels in special pouch. All good.

Ran with Tamami and started slowly. Wearing my light racing flats. Apart from feeling I should have left more time before breakfast and starting I was ok for about 10 Km.

But my 17 Km my knee was hurting so badly I stopped for a drink of water and an energy gel. But really this was just an excuse to rest my knee. I was close to limping. 😦
Tamami took this opportunity to run on strongly leaving me.

I caught Tamami at another drink stop at 22 Km. This had taken us almost two hours !
After yet another drink I then struggled on running with her but by the time I got to 26 Km I seemed to just run out of energy.
Tamami ran on again leaving me to plod on home alone.

The last 4 Km home were hard. Very hard.

I am not sure what went wrong. I simply lacked the Will power to keep going.I did not have the energy nor the mental ability to run today.

How can I run the Tokyo Marathon if I feel miserable after 30 Km?

My weight today was 63.4 Kgm. That’s a bit over 139 pounds. Lighter than I was at school. The only positive from today’s disaster. 😦



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