Marathon: 4 weeks to go


Not long now until the Tokyo Marathon. Unfortunately yesterday’s rather pathetic Long Run did not give me much confidence. Hopefully I pull something out of the bag in the last 4 weeks.

I am thinking that the reason I did so badly yesterday was that I gave into my knee pain at 17.5 Km and stopped and adjusted my knee strap. Maybe I would have done better if I had just kept going. Stopping for a drink of water at 22 Km also may not have helped.
I am also thinking of wearing my heavier shoes when I next run long.

Here is a painting of me after yesterday’s run.


Today I took a rest day. Ran 6 Km. Did 50 push ups. Did some back stretches.

Blood pressure after running was 128/83. Pulse rate still a bit high at 52.

After running today I really gave my knee a good long session of ice.


As I write knee seems fine. But out on the road is where it will really count.

Before running tomorrow I will probably go to the Gym. I am thinking I will suspend my Gym membership from tomorrow until I return from Japan. Give me just that much more time to run.


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