Marathon : no more Gym


Today I suspended my gym membership until the end of February.
Pretty pleased not to be going for a while as I find it really boring.
I speak to no one. After eating breakfast alone I just to to the gym and lift weights and do ab exercises on the exercise ball. Then I go home.

GYM: just over 62 minutes today. I am using the 12.5 and 15 kilo dumbells. Does not sound like much but often I am using 30 kilos at a time. Today I did one set of 50 arm curls. That was fun!
I also did 500 stomach crunches on the ball. Again I found that hard.Tried to do each one with effort…. squeezing my stomach.


RUN: Ran alone again today.
Felt really awful at the start. Legs tied and stomach felt strained. BUT I remembered the old saying ‘ Never judge a run by the first Km ‘ . Proved true today as by about 5 Km I was feeling a lot better.
Knee was pretty sore but I managed to run through the pain. Used a lot of ice after finishing.
I made a big effort to run home faster than I ran out. I pushed the hills. Today’s course had a lot of hills and I made some sort of attempt on each.
Still deadly slow but it was good to feel a bit sick due to running a little harder.


HEART rate….52 bpm. Taken after dinner.Maybe that why it is high.

LESS than 4 weeks until the Tokyo Marathon.


All replies welcome.

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