Marathon : Moving forward.


Less than 4 weeks to go until the Tokyo Marathon.

Home alone again this morning. Gym membership suspended so even that boring activity denied me.Tamami made me breakfast before she left for golf which was nice.
I was still in bed at 7 AM when she left….call me Mr.Lazy.

Did a few exercises.
Push ups. 135
Stomach crunches 200
Back stretches 10 x 2
Leg lifts with weights 20 x 2 each leg.

Made my own lunch. Gotta watch the weight. Maybe I should be on one of those TV cooking shows.


Yesterday was quite good.Strong finish. Actually felt like I was really running.

Today my knee was hurting quite a bit immediately I started and I was struggling to reach half way which was only about 5 Km.
However once I turned for home I started to feel a lot better. Maybe I am still slow but I started to run a bit better on the way home.
I did not take a watch as I did not really want it to become a hard run. BUT it became a hard run.Very strong finish.

Felt a little stressed upon finishing. But not dizzy so that was a plus.


Seemed to recover a lot quicker today from running than I have…since when….not sure…

Before dinner I took my blood pressure and heart rate. My lowest reading ever….
Pleased to see my HR below 50 despite the run being fairly hard.


Lately my back has been a little sore but that particular worry seems to have gone. So another plus.


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